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Trazodone for Sleep

Trazodone is the most commonly prescribed medication for sleep despite not having an FDA indication for sleep. Trazodone is generic and very inexpensive so there is little incentive for pharmaceutical companies to do the drug trials necessary to get trazodone approved for sleep. Why is trazodone the most popular prescription sleep medication among doctors? It is a non-controlled substance, meaning that there is no risk for addiction, tolerance, or withdrawal, its side effect profile is benign, and it has minimal (and perhaps some positive) impact on sleep architecture. 

trazodone molecular structure

Molecular Structure of Trazodone


How Do You Know If You Have Sleep Apnea?

Currently, the only way to definitively know if you have sleep apnea is to have a formal sleep study. These can now either be done the traditional way, a nighttime study in the sleep lab, or via a home sleep apnea test. Other tests like overnight pulse oximetry (oxygen level monitoring studies) or ones that smartphones offer can only be used for screening purposes. Be careful though because some home sleep studies are simply used for screening purposes by providers like dentists. The question to ask is, "Will a board-certified sleep doctor interpret the study and...

Can You Die From Sleep Apnea?

sudden cardiac death and sleep apnea

A large retrospective analysis conducted by The Mayo Clinic confirmed that people with sleep apnea are at a higher risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD). The study that the following sleep study parameters were linked with an increased risk of SCD:

  • AHI >20
  • Minimum oxygen saturation <78%
  • mean (average) nocturnal oxygen level <93%

SCD, in layman's' terms, is when the heart just stops beating during sleep. 

AHI stands for "apnea-hypopnea" index and refers to how many abnormal breathing events occurred per hour. 

The ultimate cause of this increased risk of sudden...

The Story of the Cloth CPAP Mask - An Interview with Circadiance's David Groll

Dave Groll Circadiance CEO

David Groll is the Founder and CEO of Circadiance. He is a veteran of the medical device industry, having previously founded Vincent Medical and served as an executive for Philips Respironics where he was involved in CPAP mask development.  

SleepWeaver masks are so unique in the CPAP marketplace, there is really nothing else out there like them. Where did the idea for cloth CPAP masks come from?

I have been involved with engineering CPAP masks since the beginning of CPAP masks. The traditional mask design is comprised of a rigid plastic...

An Interview with Somnetic's Pat Mayer

We recognized that CPAP also needed to be as easy to use once you arrived at your destination, so from the beginning accessories were offered that gave users the freedom to sleep anywhere. 

Sleep Apnea, CPAP, and Healthshare Ministries

sleep apnea cpap christian healthshare ministries

Are you a member of one of the following healthshare ministries?

  • Christian Healthshare Ministries
  • Altrua
  • Liberty 
  • Samaritan 
  • Aliera
  • Christian Care Ministry/Medi-Share
  • Solidarity Healthshare

    Christian healthshare ministries emerged as a faith-based counterpart to Obamacare's government-mandated healthcare rules. These organizations allow people of faith to pool their resources and care for each other in a compassionate way that is in line with their religious beliefs. We frequently provide care for the sleep apnea needs of healthshare ministry members. This article is intended to serve as a guide for...

    I Need a Fast Sleep Study. How Can I Get a Sleep Apnea Test More Quickly?

    "How do I get a sleep study quickly? I don’t want to wait any longer." This is an all too common inquiry that we get at Singular Sleep. Here’s your guide to getting a quick sleep apnea test.

    fast sleep apnea test

    Common Reasons Why People Need Fast Sleep Studies

    In many areas of the country and in several healthcare systems, sleep medicine is an underserved specialty meaning that there are not enough sleep labs and sleep doctors to care for the population. This problem is more acute in several...

    Need a Sleep Study for Insurance? Here's What You Need to Know.

    We commonly see, "I need a sleep study for insurance," on the home sleep apnea test order forms that we receive. What is behind this seemingly unusual request from your life insurance company?

    sleep study for life insurance

    Sleep Studies for Life Insurance

    After becoming a first-time dad a few years ago, I thought it would be prudent to get life insurance. During the quote process, I was surprised to get asked the following series of questions from the agent:

    • Do you hang glide?
    • Do you skydive?
    • Do you have sleep apnea?”

    Wow, sleep...

    How Do I Get A New CPAP Machine?

    new cpap machine

    Common Reasons To Get A New CPAP Machine

    There are several typical scenarios where CPAP users often consult with me to get a new CPAP machine:

    1. Outdated technology
      • The original iteration of positive airway pressure (PAP) for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea was the fixed-pressure CPAP machine. This machine could only be set to one consistent pressure setting. Technology has exploded since then with the introduction of auto-titrating CPAP machines (commonly referred to as APAP or Auto-CPAP), as well as more advanced forms of...
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