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FAA Sleep Apnea Testing

If your AME is requiring you to have a sleep apnea test to renew your FAA first-class medical certificate, Singular Sleep can help. We offer fast, affordable, AME-accepted home sleep apnea tests for pilots and award-winning customer service. Get sleep study results in as few as 3 days with our expedited shipping and interpretation option!

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Sleep apnea information for pilots:

1) Does Singular Sleep's home sleep apnea test meet the FAA's requirements?

Yes. Singular Sleep uses an FDA-approved Type III sleep apnea test. You can read the FAA sleep apnea testing requirements here.  Type III sleep testing devices are deemed acceptable "in communities where Level II HST [home sleep test] is unavailable. Type II devices are generally no longer used in clinical practice throughout the United States.

2) Does Singular Sleep share my test results with the FAA, my insurance, or my AME?

No. We only share your results if you expressly direct us to.

3) What happens if I test positive for sleep apnea?

You will need to obtain PAP equipment and demonstrate compliance with using the equipment in order to maintain your pilot's license. While your situation may vary, typically AMEs want to see an average of at least 6 hours of average usage per day.

4) Do you share my sleep test results with my AME, the FAA, my insurance or anyone else?

No. Singular Sleep will not share your home sleep study results with any entity without your express written consent.

5) Can I get CPAP equipment from you?

Yes. CPAP machines and masks require a prescription. Most of our clients who test positive on their sleep studies have an online sleep medicine consultation with our doctor. During the consultation, Dr. Krainin will review your test results and formulate a treatment plan with you. After the consultation, he can treat your sleep apnea. You also have the option to take the sleep study results to your own provider to obtain treatment.

6) Obviously I'm traveling a lot. Do you have any small CPAP machines?

Yes, we carry all four lines of travel CPAP machines which allow you to discreetly take your equipment with you when you fly.

7) Can you sign medical documents or write medical letters for me?

Yes. After your consultation, Dr. Krainin will be able to assist with the medical documentation that you may need to stay in the air. Additional fees apply.

For further information, see the AOPA's sleep apnea article.