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Man Wearing Stimulator All-Natural Insomnia Treatment - front view
  • Man Wearing Stimulator All-Natural Insomnia Treatment - front view
  • Man Wearing Stimulator All-Natural Insomnia Treatment - Side View
  • Stimulator All-Natural Insomnia Treatment - All Components in the Package
  • Man Wearing Stimulator All-Natural Insomnia Treatment and Holding Device

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Hack Your Sleep with the Fisher Wallace Stimulator Natural Insomnia Remedy!

Looking for a biohack that could finally break down the seemingly impenetrable wall of your nightly sleeplessness? Introducing a new, all-natural treatment for insomnia! The Stimulator from Fisher Wallace is a cutting-edge new sleep optimization device that effectively alleviates insomnia.  

  • new, natural insomnia solution
  • stimulates the brain to produce seratonin and other neurochemicals that help you fall asleep
  • easy to use : just wear The Stimulator on your head for 20 minutes of pleasant stimulation and then experience immediate relaxation followed by peaceful sleep 



    As Seen on The Doctors!

    Will it Work for Me?

    The Stimulator is a cutting-edge treatment that is approved for the following types of insomnia: 

    • Chronic Insomnia: Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep three or more nights per week.
    • Onset Insomnia: Difficulty falling asleep at the beginning of the night.
    • Comorbid Insomnia: Insomnia that occurs in conjunction with depression or anxiety.
    • Maintenance Insomnia: Difficulty staying asleep through the night (waking up often or waking up too early).
    • Acute Insomnia: Temporary difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep as the result of traveling or a life event.

    Clinically proven in multiple published studies, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® causes no serious side effects and can be used safely with or without medication.

    *Note: The only patients who are not qualified to use the device are those with implanted medical devices, such as a pacemaker or vagus nerve stimulator.

    What's Inside the Package?

    • (1) Fisher Wallace Stimulator®
    • (1) Headset
    • (1) White Velcro Headband
    • (6) Sponges
    • (2) AA batteries
    • (1) White Velcro Body Strap (for pain treatment)
    • (1) Carry case
    • (1) Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression instruction manual
    • (1) Chronic Pain instruction manual

    Singular Certified Seal

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