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Is Your DOT Provider Requiring You to Have a Sleep Study?  

sleep apnea test

 home sleep studyat home sleep study home sleep apnea test

Save Time, Hassle, and Money:

  • You can do our sleep apnea test in the comfort of your own home for $295.
  • In-lab sleep studies can cost up to $4000 and require a night in a sleep lab with wires hooked up all over your body.  

The Singular Sleep Advantage:

  • We get testing done faster than anyone else. If your medical card is set to expire soon, you can't risk not getting the testing done in time. You order a test, it goes out by the end of the next business day...simple as that. You get the results within 1-2 business days of return receipt. Overnight shipping available at an additional fee. 
  • Helpful staff on hand in case you have an issue. We know that you can't risk not having to redo the rest because of bad data. That's why we have friendly, highly-trained staff to assist you should you have any questions about how to do the study correctly. 
  • Should you test positive for sleep apnea, you'll need affordable equipment. With the best prices available and a great selection of machines and masks, Singular Sleep has you covered. We can ship most equipment to you within one business day so you can get started on therapy ASAP, meet your compliance requirements, and stay on the road!
  • A doctor on staff to help you meet your compliance goals. Unlike our competitors, we have an experienced sleep doctor on staff. If you're struggling to meet your compliance goals, he can help you with ALL the tools available - from pressure adjustments to medications, he'll help you get "over the hump" with your equipment to achieve your compliance goals and stay on the job. He can also write you a letter requesting an extension for your medical card, should you need it. Nearly 100% of our patients fulfill the DOT requirements and don't get taken off the road. 
  • Most accurate results. Unlike some of our competitors, a BOARD CERTIFIED SLEEP DOCTOR interprets every test. Your future is too important to put in the hands of an inappropriately qualified provider. 
  • Think long-term. Unlike some "fly-by-night" companies, Singular Sleep is an award-winning, national virtual medical practice. Should you test positive for sleep apnea, you'll need regular compliance reports to prove to your DOT provider that you're compliant with therapy. What happens if the company you choose goes out of business? Don't risk getting left in the lurch, choose quality, choose Singular Sleep.

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